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Articles and resources come from on-the-job experiences influenced and built upon years of Product Management, Product Marketing and Engineering experiences collected and brought together onto this site. You'll find articles on many Product Management topics about the role, about Product Management tools, about Agile and other methodologies as well as free quick start templates to use for your roadmaps. You'll find information and tips around the day to day role and the relationships you'll build around it.

Product Management is a role that can be very different as you move from company to company and you'll find examples of what to expect as you consider the role in very large companies vs much smaller companies. Knowing the differences can help you find the Perfect Product Management role to match your skills and preferences.

Every article written comes from first hand experience, and is intended to give insights and shortcuts. Resources posted are based on training sessions used on the job, and Product Management Roadmap Templates come from the Professional Product Management library that Product Managers continue to pull from freely and use every day.

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