Five Essential Roadmaps for Product Managers

As a Product Manager, being able to give a roadmap presentation on short notice is an essential part of the job.
Instead of taking a one size fits all approach, thinking about the various audiences that your roadmaps are targeting will ensure that the audience gets what they need.


Each of your roadmaps may share various elements and overlap somewhat, but consider these five audiences and their specific needs:

Customers, Partners or Distributors
Show me that you are investing in the products that I care about. Give me the benefits of the latest release and the upcoming release. Show me why your product is better than the competition and why it fits me.

The Sales Team
Show me what is coming. Show me previews and pictures of what is coming. Tell me how I can sell the product and the new release. How does the next release help me meet my sales targets? How do I position the product? How do I beat the competition with this product?

The CEO or Executive Management
Give me the highlights, without the detail. Give me the 1 year, the 3 year and the 5 year plan and highlight the things that matter specifically to me.

The Board or Investors
Show me that you are delivering something that uses my money wisely and gives me an ROI on my investment.

The Engineering Team
What will I personally be working on in the next 3 to 6 months. Show me that it is interesting and that it matters.

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